Tuesday, March 12, 2013


So I was in this short a little while ago called Gaysian about the struggles of an Asian man in the gay dating scene. I was White Guy #2, yeah, awesome right! It's not quite finished yet. They're still working on the editing and music. It's still in post, as we say in the biz.  BUT the director Austin Wong, is looking to turn the short into a web series called Boystown!

Pretty fun. And you can see yours truly making a very gay eye roll in the trailer above.

So if you feel inclined, check out and like the Facebook Page and share the trailer. It is up for some funding and part of the qualifications for said funding is social media traffic. So watch it, blog it, tweet it, talk about it! The bigger the audience, the better the chances of it getting the funding.

Thanks, guys!


Knoxxy said...

Looks good, I would see it.

Boy In Brogues said...

That looks great! Look forward to seeing it!

Boy In Brogues